Moon Seduced

Book Cover: Moon Seduced
Part of the Raven Moon Wolves series:

Welcome to the fae kingdom. It’s time for me and Asher to kick some Drudge a**

I’ve come to the fae kingdom to save my brother’s life and make sure he rightly takes his place on the throne. I discover he’s entombed with the mythical dragons. With the help of an unexpected ally and my fated mate, Asher, I must cross the kingdom to free my brother. If that means taking on the dragons, so be it. But the head of the Drudge pack is determined to steal the throne for himself, and he’ll do anything to keep me from rescuing my brother.

When I came to the fae kingdom with Ev, my role was clear: fuse with her to give her the power she needs to release the serpents and kill the leader of the Drudge pack. But the dragons stand in our way, all magic has been stolen from the kingdom, and Richard is determined to destroy our bond. Sacrificing myself may be the only way to save the woman I love and the world.

Moon Seduced is Book 3 and the conclusion of the Raven Moon Wolves Series. Twisty suspense, mystery, and romance. HEA guaranteed.