Call It Love

Book Cover: Call It Love
Part of the Crescent Cove - Writing as Marlie May series:

After Lark Harpswell’s boyfriend leaves her with an empty fridge and a maxed-out credit card, she’s done with men. If she needs romance, she’ll live vicariously through her favorite historical Highlander novels. So when gorgeous Dag Ross asks her out, she turns him down.

During the day, Dag lounges in bed or works as a part-time handyman for a friend. At night, under a secret pen name, he writes wildly popular romance novels featuring a brawny sword-wielding Scotsman. Though he’s convinced true love doesn’t exist outside fiction, Lark blindsides him. When he sees her with one of his novels and she hints she’d date a hero like his Duncan MacLeod, he can’t resist the challenge.

Dag dressed in a kilt and spouting Scottish phrases is hotter than Lark imagined, and keeping him at arm’s distance isn’t easy. She’s determined not to get screwed over again, though, especially by a man who’s erected walls around his heart.