Call It Fate

Book Cover: Call It Fate
Part of the Crescent Cove - Writing as Marlie May series:

Back in college, my best friend broke my heart. Now he wants a second chance.

Cara: Six years ago, I made my biggest mistake. I fell madly, deeply, one hot night together in love with my best friend, Roan. Only to be told in the morning it was over. Devastated, I ran. Now I'm back in town, a widow with a four-year-old daughter. I'm respectable. Responsible. Able to behave around Roan. Which means no kissing. No touching. No giving in to his knee-melting charm.

Roan: Six years ago, I would've killed to be with my best friend, Cara, but our one night together crashed and burned in the morning. This time, I won't make a play for her heart. I won't tease her. And I definitely won't tumble into bed with her all over again. Scratch that. I play to win, and I want her.

When her in-laws sue for custody of her daughter, I offer her a marriage of convenience to help her win the case. Which means a tropical paradise honeymoon in Costa Rica. A king-sized bed. Me and her and... endless temptation. This is my final chance to make this right.