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New Release! Broken Cursed Boys by Kailin Gow

Given a second chance to live, can Lux who was a demon slayer descend through the portal into hell to save her beloved boys?

Series Description:

They were the most popular boys at Shadowlight Academy, known as the Beautiful Boys. They also tormented me when I first arrived at Shadowlight Academy.

Then they fell for me, and I fell hard for them.

I am Lux Collins, and as a demon slayer, I couldn’t afford to fall in love. It came with consequences, which I ultimately paid.

Now I am at Shadowlight Hunters Academy, where I have come to be re-trained.

I will train my hardest. I will endure all hardships. Because where I am going to save my Lost Pretty Boys, I will need to keep all my wits, strength, and skills about me.

I am about to enter Hell to get my boys back!

**Lost Pretty Boys is book 2 of 3 the Shadowlight Hunters Academy. It is a College RH Bully Romance which contains language, dark humor and consensual sex. Recommended for 17 and over.


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