I have three romances to introduce. Inquiries can be directed to Jessica Watterson, Dijkstra Agency.

SOMEBODY LIKE YOU, Contemporary Romance (Golden Heart Finalist), complete at 71,000 words.

When Cara moves home to Maine, she plans to open a tea shop and raise her five-year-old daughter. She knows her former best friend, Roan, will test the no-romance promise she made her deceased husband, but she’ll hold strong. Cara’s no longer the silly girl who slept with Roan in college, only to be told it was a mistake.

Hot sauce entrepreneur Roan’s fighting to save his business after his ex-wife embezzled his expansion funds. Cara—the woman who stole his heart six years ago—is back in town, but he made a play for her once and ruined their friendship. He won’t screw up again.

They’re caught in a blizzard, where a night spent together in a heart-shaped bed leads to an early-morning, steamy kiss. Cara’s in-laws sue for custody of her daughter using pictures of she and Roan together. Their marriage of convenience will help Cara’s case, but a honeymoon in Costa Rica sparks the heat she and Roan once shared. Six years ago, lies drove them apart. Now, they must unravel those lies and learn to trust each other again. Or they’ll miss their second chance at love.


FEARLESS, Romantic Suspense (Golden Heart Finalist), 90,000 words

After missing a prearranged dinner with her brother on her last night in Mexico, Ginny stumbles over a murder-in-progress and barely evades the same fate. Back home, and determined to put the incident behind her, she goes camping, where she reconnects with her brother’s newest special ops employee, ex-Navy/Seabee Chief, Cooper Talon. When did the skinny teenager she had the hots for back in high school grow into this self-assured man?

Cooper moved back to Maine to take a job with his old Navy buddy.  While camping, he runs into Ginny—the woman he adored twelve years ago. She’s his boss’s sister, and he’s on the tail end of a nasty break-up. But ignoring her sweet teasing is a challenge.

When Ginny’s nearly hit by a speedboat while swimming and she’s kidnapped and stuffed into a trunk—escaping before the car gets away, it’s clear she’s become someone’s target number-one. Could this be related to Mexico? Or to the local guy who calls Ginny by his dead wife’s name? With the incidents escalating, Ginny and Cooper must expose a killer, before Ginny winds up dead.

In this projected three-book series, James Bond meets MacGyver, when heroes must use their brains—not just their brawn—to protect those they love.


HIGHLAND GAMES, Contemporary Romance, 76,000 words

After Lark Harpswell’s ex-boyfriend leaves her with an empty fridge and a maxed-out credit card, she’s determined avoid irresponsible men. If she needs romance, she’ll live vicariously through her favorite historical Highlander novels. So, when gorgeous Dag Ross—the local Mr. Irresponsible—asks her out, Lark turns him down.


During the day, Dag Ross lounges in bed or bums around at his brother’s all-season adventure sports park. At night and under a pseudonym, he writes wildly popular romance novels that feature a brawny, sword-wielding Scotsman named Duncan Magnus Ferguson MacLeod. Even after penning multiple bestsellers, Dag’s convinced all that hearts and flowers junk doesn’t exist outside of fiction. Until he meets Lark. They kiss, and while he’s determined never to fall down that slippery slope called love, he’s can’t seem to forget her.

It’s all Lark can do to resist Dag’s teasing persistence, let alone his bone-melting kisses. But she holds her ground and refuses to go out with him. When Dag catches Lark with her favorite historical romance, it’s clear she’ll only date a hero like Duncan. Rather ironic, considering the hero Lark adores is the character Dag created. Never one to back down, he takes on Lark’s Highlander wooing challenge.

Keeping Dag at arms-length gets harder by the minute. Who would’ve thought Dag dressed in a kilt spouting Scottish phrases could be so . . . hot? Lark will have to decide if she can trust Dag not to hurt her. And Dag will have to drop the walls he’s erected around his heart to let love inside. Or they risk losing their happily ever after.

This book will appeal to readers of KC Dyer’s Finding Fraser and Outlander fans waiting for their next fix.


This pic is of DD & DH at La Fortuna Waterfall, Arenal Region, Costa Rica. It’s a gorgeous location. Visit it someday, if you can.

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