He was fated to be mine, but he rejected me. Now he wants a second chance. 


Rejected by my fated mate, I had no choice but to flee my pack. A year later, I took a job at Ravenmire College. Who do I run into? Rowan, the shifter who scorned me in front of my family and friends. He says he made a mistake, that we’re still fated. Do I dare trust my heart to him again?


When I revoked my matebond with Iva, I had a good reason. Bonding with her would endanger her life and everything I’ve worked to achieve. But things have changed, and I want her now more than ever. If she runs again, I won’t let her go. I’ll hunt her down and claim her.

Moon Hunted is a standalone novella in the Raven Moon Wolves Series. You’ll find the full series on Amazon.

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