Dead Girls Don’t Lie

Book Cover: Dead Girls Don't Lie
Part of the Standalone Titles series:

An action-packed, suspenseful whodunit for readers of The Girl Who Lived, Two Can Keep A Secret, and The Cheerleaders.

Seventeen-year-old Janie Davis was found wandering a Maine beach with second-degree burns on her arms and no memory of what happened. An accident on her family's rented yacht caused it to sink, taking her parents and best friend down with it. Recovering, Janie returns home under the watchful gaze of her new guardian--an aunt who had been ostracized by Janie's family.

Snooping uncovers the accident report. Horrified to learn the deaths could be murder, Janie's determined to solve the crime. Selective breaking and entering leads her to two suspects: her father's shady business partner who profited from Dad's death and her aunt, a woman with a sketchy past she's eager to hide.

Her investigation leads her to crash a party where she uncovers more evidence in the homeowner's office. Then her brake lines are cut and only a quick plunge to the floor keeps an overhead lamp from impaling her. This, and the warning, You're Next, proves she's getting closer.

If she doesn't expose the murderer, Janie could be the next victim.

Dead Girls Don't Lie is a complete, standalone, young adult novel filled with twisty suspense, a shocking conclusion, and flirty romance.


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