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I’m excited to share the first book in my young adult academy series, CrystalWing Academy, Book One: Outling.

Here’s the blurb:

Welcome to CrystalWing Academy, where the magical Elite reign…and Outlings are an endangered species.

Magic doesn’t exist in the human world. As far as I know. But when I fling a fireball at a bully, my horrified Mom dumps me at CrystalWing Academy, a place straight out of my favorite fantasy books.

They tell me I’m an Outling, a wizard born from non-magical parents. Mom’s human. Dad? I don’t exactly know who he is.…

One thing I do know is I’m not an Elite—descendants of the original six families who split from the Fae ages ago. At seventeen, their children and despised Outlings like me attend the Academy to learn to control our power.

I’m barely on campus when I’m targeted by a mean girl. Figures. Thankfully, the Academy’s not all bad. My pixie roommate’s awesome. I score a coveted moonstone during Stone Selection. And let’s not forget Donovan, a cute guy who seems to like me, not the mean Elite girl who’s determined to win him.

Except something’s luring students into the forest and draining their power, leaving only shriveled husks behind.

The Headmistress warns me not to investigate, but the killer goes after Donovan. Big mistake. My magical skills may be untrained and wild, but if a power-sucking vamp thinks he can harm my kinda-sorta boyfriend, he’s about to discover I’m a wizard unlike any other.

An exciting new world for Potter fans, filled with magic, suspense, a badass heroine, and flirty romance.

Outling is the first book in the young adult CrystalWing Academy series. Books two and three will be released this fall.

Available on Amazon and free to read in Kindle Unlimited!

Look for books 2 & 3 fall, 2019.

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