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DEEP SECRETS, my YA mystery, is available. Here’s the pitch:

Two months ago, seventeen-year-old Janie Davenport was found wandering a Georgia beach with second-degree burns on her arms and hands and no memory of what happened. She learns an accident on her family’s yacht caused it to burn before it sank, taking the remains of her parents and best friend to the ocean floor. Recovering from scars both inside and out, Janie returns to school under the watchful gaze of her new guardian—an aunt who had been previously ostracized by Janie’s family.

Her snooping uncovers the accident report, and she’s horrified to discover the deaths could be murder. Janie will stop at nothing to find out who committed the crime. Selective breaking and entering leads her to two primary suspects: her dad’s shady business partner who profited from her father’s death, and her aunt, a woman with a sketchy past she’s determined to hide. Unsure where to turn next, Janie enlists the help of cute but snarky Emanuel Sanchez, a fellow high school senior who thinks that doing community service in the library means he can call himself a librarian. As if she believes lounging around in the library’s “make-out” corner can be considered research.

Their investigation leads them to crashing a party, where they uncover more evidence. But they’re forced to conceal their crime by pretending—sort of—that they snuck into the office for some heavy kissing. Then Janie’s brake lines are cut, and only a quick plunge to the tile floor keeps an overhead lamp from impaling her in the library. This, and the warning, You’re Next, proves Janie’s getting closer. With Janie targeted as the next victim, she and Emanuel must race to expose the murderer soon. Or Janie could wind up dead.

DEEP SECRETS, a young adult mystery/thriller, is complete at 80,000 words. The slow reveal of memories in E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars meets the suspense and romance of Maureen Johnson’s The Name of the Star.

I’m represented by Jessica Watterson, Dijkstra Agency.


trees 2

This is a picture taken of the field in front of my house at sunset. The bare trees look like skeletons on fire!

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