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New Release! Incarnate by Bianca Scardoni

Some Fight the Darkness; Others Will Become it…

My name is Jemma Blackburn and I’m a Slayer. After being forced to watch my boyfriend take his last breath in order to send Lucifer back to Hell, there was only one thing I could do to cope with my loss: Get as far away from Hollow Hills as I possibly could.

It turns out that being on the road with my sister was exactly what I needed to move on from what happened and to finally accept my fate as a Slayer. Unfortunately, there was still one thing standing in the way of my destiny; of fully giving in to a life of hunting things that go bump in the night: High School Senior Year.

My plan was simple. Keep my head down and finish the year, and then leave this place and all its tragedy once and for all. But plans never work out quite the way you want them to. Not only was I hit with the biggest shock of my life when I discovered that people who die don’t always stay dead, but there was a brand-new evil headed to Hollow Hills and it was going to make Lucifer look like a chump. New plan: Keep my head down, finish the year, and save the world before graduation. It sounded simple enough, but I’d forgotten one important detail:

This is Hollow Hills and things are never as they seem…
Welcome to Season Two of The Marked Saga.

INCARNATE is the highly anticipated fifth book in The Marked Saga. A face paced YA paranormal romance full of atmosphere, supernatural adventure, and jaw-dropping twists that will keep you guessing until the very last page. Perfect for fans of The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, and Fallen Angel Romances. Reader Discretion: this book contains some graphic language and sexual content and is not suitable for readers under 17.


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