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New Release! Alpha Blood by Tamara Rose Blodgett

Julia is a pawn on life’s chessboard -until she declares war on Hades.

Jenni has been tied to Quill by default, and though it is the way of the Were to be mated for life, she’s not sure it’s the commitment for her. The guilt she harbors over Bray seeking vengeance against Devin and attempting to kidnap Ella continually eats at Jenni. Is being rogue better than being pack?

Adi and Slash have taken over the Northwestern amid hot tempers and young wolves. While the scouts of the Northwestern return with a new female, a male vampire soldier seeks her for an entirely different reason, and Marley discovers a dark secret about her lineage.

Drek and Tahlia journey with Neil to the Northwestern seeking Tessa and Laz. While their enemy travels with them, a terrible thing is happening at the Hoh pack. Will the subterfuge cripple the Lanarre?

What does fate have in store for the queen of the Blood Singers – Can Julia survive Hades and return to her people?