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Save the Date! Join Marty Mayberry’s BOOKISH THINGS Launch Party Nov. 5th!

Marty Mayberry, author of the YA fantasy Crystal Wing Academy series, invites you to join her November 5th for the launch of her Facebook reader group, Bookish Things! If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter series, this is the perfect place for you!

The party will feature games, giveaways, and exclusive sneak peeks at DRAGONSWORN, the next Crystal Wing Academy series novel, coming November 15th!


Coming November 15th from Marty Mayberry

I survived Orientation at Crystal Wing Academy–barely–and now it’s time to learn how to control my power.

After destroying a power-sucking slake before he killed my friends, I’m feeling stronger and more confident than ever.

Donovan and I are together, I’m pulling in more threads than before, and I have new abilities I’m excited to master… So, I might be flunking Magical Creatures & How to Tame Them. Not everything comes easy, right?

When I stumble over a dead girl–one of eight Outlings at the Academy–and she’s marked with an O and a #7, it’s clear someone’s copycatting the Outling murders that took place one-hundred years ago.

With the clock ticking down and more Outlings turning up dead, I’ll soon be next. Last time, every Outling at the Academy was murdered.

But the killer is about to learn this Outling wizard won’t go down without a fight.

An exciting new world for Potter fans, filled with magic, suspense, a badass heroine, and flirty romance. Dragonsworn is the second book in the young adult Crystal Wing Academy series. The third and final book in the series will be released late this year or early next year.

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