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New Release! Wicked Academy by Nissa Leder

I’ve always known my family had its secrets. What I didn’t know was just how big those secrets were.

When I, Wren Jacobsen, head off to college at Wicklow Academy, I assume the hardest part will be upholding my family’s legacy. One they’ve drilled into my head since before I could walk. That or winning the bet I made with my on-and-off-again high school boyfriend not to sleep with anyone the entire semester.

But Wicklow isn’t at all what I expected. Wicked Academy, as the other students call it, is one of four premiere magic academies created to train witches and warlocks to fight the dark magic rapidly growing around the world.

Not only does magic exist, but my family is one of the elites, sworn to fight evil in all its forms.

Now my days are filled with classes like Incantations, Potions and Herbs, and Magical History. And I’ve caught the eyes of two upperclassmen — my older brother’s best friend and the leader of the school’s not-quite-so-secret society. Too bad I made that stupid wager.

With the dark arts becoming stronger every day, Wicklow has found a way to transfer someone’s magic to another, which means only the best students will get to keep their powers.

As I juggle classes and struggle to keep my pants on, I’m thrown into a group with my long-time rival Elaine Astor. If we can’t bury our years-old grudge, we might both lose our newfound powers for good.