New Release

New Release! The Lunar Promise by C.J. Pinard

With Ayla’s greatest enemy now gone, she is both relieved and restless, knowing she’s done what she had to do, yet, still feels the need to hunt. With Kellan still faithfully by her side, she decides she needs to take a rest. But that rest is short-lived, as she’s told that her biological father—the alpha—is nearby and is searching for her and her brother. Ayla has no plans for a happy family reunion, but threats cause her to have to meet the alpha.

From there, things go from bad to worse for Ayla. When someone close to her is kidnapped, and a strange spell is put upon her that seems to sap her powers, she wonders how she is going to rescue him and keep it together. It’s only with the help of her friends—and a new relative she didn’t know existed—that she can only hope to find him in time, since it seems her powers can’t help her.

The Lunar Promise is book 5 in the Ayla St. John Chronicles, and is for readers 18 and older.