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New Release! Hidden Crown by Emma L. Adams

Hazel Lynn has spent her whole life training to take on the role of Gatekeeper between the Summer Court and the mortal realm. As a human in Faerie, she’s used to having to fight to prove her worth to the impossibly powerful and wealthy Sidhe, but it’ll take more than skill with a blade to survive the deadly Gatekeeper’s Trials.

To start off with, her stuck-up half-Sidhe mentor hates humans like her. He might be pretty to look at, but he has no intention of giving her an easy time of it. But things go from bad to dire when the King of the Summer Court is assassinated. Worse, all the signs point to a human being responsible. Since Hazel and her family are the only humans permitted to enter the King’s domain, the blame lands squarely on them.

Before long, Hazel’s aggravating new mentor is the only person in Faerie she can trust not to sentence her to death on the spot… assuming he isn’t the murderer himself. With her loved ones’ fates resting in her hands, it’s up to Hazel to catch the killer before the vengeful Sidhe take out their wrath on the rest of humanity.