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New Release! First Project by Jennifer Rose McMahon

NEW SCHOOL CHECKLIST: Purple hair, ripped jeans, leather jacket, scowl.
NEW SCHOOL MINDSCREW: A secret academy for ‘gifted’ students.
And Brynn just got a private invitation to the mysterious club.

Learning about her psychic abilities from the quirky guidance counselor was the first challenge. Keeping the strange Mystic Academy a secret within her prep school was the second. Competing against the strongest student, Dom, a stunning boy with a dark secret, was the unexpected twist.

FIRST PROJECT: Explore Hell’s Gates.

Brynn must learn how to use her psychic gifts in time to uncover the mystery of a local urban legend. The town woods behind her school is where children become lost with no memory of where they’d gone, and its tales of burned witches smother the town in shame.

Can this ancient myth be debunked, while fighting the maddening distraction of Dom, in time for the project deadline? Or will the sinister truth hidden within legend awaken, creating unhinged chaos within the academy?