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New Release! Called By Darkness by Sean Fletcher

A darkness grows outside the Academy. But the biggest threat comes from within…

It’s finally here: After four boring years of underclassman studies, I’m beyond ready to move up into the New York Academy of Magic’s advanced program. Tougher classes, real-world assignments, supernatural thrills. It’s gonna be epic.

Until someone releases a manticore at the entrance ceremony.

And my best friend is kidnapped.

And I find out the kidnappers really want me.

A new baddie is gathering power in New York, someone even the shifters, Vamps, and undead fear; someone with insanely powerful magic who will stop at nothing to see the Academy and everything I love destroyed.

Now partnered up with some of my classmates—including the devilishly handsome, so-infuriating-I-want-to-strangle-him Asher Dunadine—I need to figure out who wants me, and why.

But to defeat this new darkness, I’ll need a little darkness of my own…

Shifters, vampires, magic, romance, and twists you won’t see coming. Jump into this fast-paced Academy urban fantasy, featuring a snarky heroine, an oh-so-swoon-worthy hero, and a supernatural New York City like you’ve never imagined…These are urban fantasies you won’t want to put down!