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New Release! Demonspawn Academy: Trial One by Annabel Chase

“Where the light is brightest, the shadows are deepest.” — Goethe

I’ve spent the first seventeen years of my life with my head in the clouds–literally. I attend a secret academy high above the mortal realm where the children of demons and humans are brought to be raised and taught instead of slaughtered. It’s the one place we’re protected and our talents nurtured, until the night someone close to me is murdered and a precious book is stolen–one with information that could mean the end of us all.

Not content with the investigation, my friends and I sneak out of the academy to hunt for the killer, where we cross paths with Rafe, a guy that burns hotter than the sun. Unfortunately for me, he’s a Watcher–an angel-human hybrid tasked with protecting the mortal realm from demons. When it turns out we may be able to help each other in our quests, I’m only too happy for an excuse to spend time with him beyond the watchful eyes of the Elders. It’s my first time on my own and I’m discovering the world is a scary place, especially when there are creatures hellbent on killing me. Good thing I have a sword–and a few latent powers I didn’t know about.

Now I need to find the killer and return the book to the academy where it belongs, or risk losing everyone and everything I care about.

Demonspawn Academy: Trial One is the first book in a young adult urban fantasy/fantasy trilogy that will send you on an action-packed magical adventure filled with friendship, romance, mythology, and magic.